Así quedaron las manos de un campeón olímpico de remo tras expedición por el Ártico

El medallista de oro en Río de Janeiro 2016 Alex Gregory sorprende en redes sociales, al mostrar el gran deterioro de sus manos luego de realizar una expedición extrema.

Así quedaron las manos de un campeón olímpico de remo tras expedición por el Ártico

El doble campeón olímpico de remo Alex Gregory, subió una imagen a redes sociales que ha causado gran revuelo. En la foto mostró sus manos excesivamente castigadas, durante una expedición benéfica por un área alrededor al Polo Norte.

Después de extensas horas remando bajo el inclemente clima de esa zona, Gregory compartió la imagen. "Una foto de mis manos después de estar mucho tiempo dentro de mis guantes húmedos. Las ampollas han sido fáciles de llevar, pero la humedad se ha metido en la piel…" comentó el deportista.

Como era de esperar, la imagen de inmediato causó asombro entre millones de internautas. "Es impresionante", "Eres tan fuerte" o "Admirable, todo por un fin benéfico" fueron algunos de los comentarios que recibió en la foto que ya suma casi 2 mil likes. 

Además, durante su expedición benéfica por el Ártico, Alex Gregory también usa diariamente Instagram para mostrar los impresionantes paisajes con los que se ha topado. 



We stopped when we could row no further. 79 degrees 55 minutes latitude North. Further North than anyone has ever rowed before. The ice started with tiny pebble sized pieces that floated on the surface, gradually growing in size as we travelled further north. Ice pebbles turned to bricks, turning to boulders and then into larger icebergs. Then a great wall of ice appeared stretching into the distance. The noise of grating, moving ice churning in front of us was deep and ominous. It was a truly incredible place to be and to share it with Carlo, Sam, Danny, Tyler, Fiann was awesome! Then we turned the boat around to head south... @thepolarrow #arcticcircle #iceshelf #arcticadventures #24hourdaylight #iceberg #rowing #crewlife #makingmemories #rowinglife #arcticocean

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Polar Row Update- My personal take... 1/3 Well, for me now my Polar rowing expedition is coming to a close. Since landing here on the truly incredible Island of Jan Mayen I have decided not to continue the journey to Iceland. This decision has been both an easy one to make and an incredibly difficult one. That sounds like a ridiculous comment but let me explain... We started this project with the aim of rowing from Tromsõ to Iceland, a two legged journey via Svalbard across largely un-rowed Arctic waters. My expedition began in Svalbard where before leaving land we decided to head North to try to touch the edge of the sea ice. Four days and nights of rowing took us to this most incredible environment, sea ice groaning and grating over the frigid sea. An impenetrable mass of white and blue floating on dark icy water as far as the eye can see. I felt in awe of the sight, privileged to have been given the opportunity to work our way there through our own means. A proud moment for our crew. Heading South West we rowed hard for days and nights on a 90 minute rotation throughout. I won't explain here what that was like or how that felt, I have done this in previous posts, but it was an experience I wanted, an experience I am so lucky to have been given, and an experience I will never forget. I'm so incredibly proud of what we did as a group of men out there on the sea. (As I write this I must state that everything I write here and in my other social media posts are solely my perception of events and my feelings. I am not commenting on the feelings of any of the other crew members of @thepolarrow ) Continued....

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